Friday, February 1, 2013

Braids with a Headband

So, I wanted to do something really cute, a ladder braid.  However, when Claire decided she needed to wear her butterfly dress Gramma (Louise Miller) made that had a matching headband, I knew that was not in the cards.

To start separate a small section of hair from in front of on ear to in front of the other, the wider this band, the thicker the braids.  Clip the larger remaining hair out of the way. Now, portion the thin swatch of hair into 5 side by side sections (or as many braids as you want).  Make sure if you do an odd number of braids that the middle one is in the center of the head.  Braid your braids and secure them temporarily with bobby pins.  When you have finished all your braids, grad your headband and place it underneath the braids.   Release the larger section of hair, at this point I chose to do a half pony. So, I sectioned the half pony, took the bobby pins out, add the braids to the half pony and secured the pony with an elastic.  Now, I grabbed a flower clip from Sunny Days Boutique a placed it over the elastic to hide it.  Ta Da!  Have fun playing around with this one, there are so many variations, I'd love to see what you come up with.

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