Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wrap French Braid

This morning my hair was out of control and I needed to put it up or cut it off.  I'm sure you could imagine which one I chose.  A simple swooping dutch braid.  I thought great I could do this for Claire and we could match, she'd love it.  Boy was I WRONG!!!  She didn't stop crying about it the entire time I was braiding and taking the photos.  This is what we ended up with.

Begin a french braid above one ear, as you are adding hair to the braid gently move braid down around the base of your models head.  When you get to the other ear add the last bits of hair and finish the braid as a basic braid if you have the length.  Secure with elastic and add a pretty clip.  This one is from Sunny Days Boutique.

Time: 5-7 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Length: Short