Sunday, February 24, 2013

Double Dutch Braids and Buns

Oh, Sunday morning came way to early this morning.  I am acting as the primary teacher in my Sunday school class this morning, instead of just an aid.  So, I set my alarm early because Claire and I never seem to manage to leave the house with enough time.  Not, today!  

Today, I didn't want to do anything to elaborate,  Claire's poor hair has been through enough lately.  So start by parting the hair in two halves front to back.  After clipping one aside, make a dutch braid or inverse french braid.  When you are half done, quit adding more hair and finish the braid as a basic braid, secure with elastics.  Then, wind the braid around itself and secure the bun and the ends with bobby pins.  Add ribbons if you like and do the same with the other side.  Now go and have a great day.

Time: 5-10 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Hair Length: Short

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