Thursday, July 4, 2013

Star Braids

Happy Fourth of July!  Here is a little star for the back of your little star.
Start by securing the into three pony tails.  One one the crown of the head, and two equal pony tails on the lower on either side of the head.  With the top pony tail, create and secure two equal basic braids.  Then with one of the lower pony tails create and secure two more basic braids.  Pull one of these lower braids straight over to the other lower pony tail and with another elastic add this braid to the pony tail.  Undo the braid to the elastic.  Now with the third, fuller, pony tail, create and secure one more basic braids.  At this point, you should have four loose basic braids.  Take one from the top pony tails and one from the opposite side pony tail, secure these two together.  Repeat with the remaining two braids. I had to use bobby pins to pin the lower points of the star apart

Update: next time, I will create five pony tails.  The original three and two small pony tails that you will use to secure the lower points of the star.
Time: 15-20 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Hair length: medium