Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lots of Butterfly Hair

 Just a warning.  This style is meant for a model who can hold still for about 30 minutes as it is very complicated.  Claire was particularly wiggly, especially after the hot cocoa was gone, and thus is not as clean as I would have preferred.

But, this is what you are going to need to do:

Start by parting the hair in half from the center of the bangs to the nape of neck. Clip away one side for now.  Next, make another part about an inch wide next to the center part and clip this aside for now. With the remaining hair comb it out and put a french braid when you run out of hair to add continue braiding with a basic braid. and then secure with an elastic.  Ok, in comes the specialty equipment: a Hair Pin.  Not a bobby pin mind you, but a hair pin.  Carefully use the bent end of the bobby pin an insert it under the first link of the braid about half way through.  Grab about an inch worth of that thin section you previously set aside bend it in half and thread it half way through the hair pin.  Make sure that you don't pull the hair all the way through the hair pin.  Next gentle pull and wiggle the hair pin with the loop of hair back under the link of the braid.  Remove the hair pin.  At this point you should have two kind of misshapen loops, one on either side of the braid. Take both loops and kind of wiggle to reshape those loops, until they look even.  If you have left over ends, hide them under the next section of hair when you add the following loops.  So, now you have the basic concept.  Keep adding loops down the first braid until you run out.  Hair spray the snot out of it, and do the next side.  Remember, I did warn you this one was hard.

Also, please ignore the photos, my camera ran out of batteries and we didn't have enough time before Sunday School to charge it to get photos before church ended three hours later.

Difficulty: Hard
Time: 20-30 minutes

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