Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Princess Belle Pony Tail

Last night Claire declared that she wanted curly hair tomorrow.  "Ok," I thought, "just have her wash her hair and we'll put a pony tail and rollers, pull a few chunks for basic braids.  Easy enough."  This morning we took the curlers out and her hair went limp in less than five minutes.  Ooops!  So, take two.  We took out the pony tail, left in the basic braids and formed a half pony tail.  Grabbed the small barreled curling iron and set it to high.  When the curling iron was hot, with heavy duty hair spray in hand we set out to curl the pony tail first.  After each curl was released from the curling iron I pinned the curl with a bobby pin to sit until I finished all the hair.  When I completed the pony tail, I set out to curl the lower hair, I didn't spend as much time on these curls as the pony tail curls because I figured they would be mostly obscured by the pony tail curls.  After all the curls had been made, a liberal dose of hair spray and then I pulled all the pins out to release the curls.  I then took a small portion of the top of the pony tail and pinned the hair to the scalp hair to hide the elastic.  This reminded me of the Beauty and Beast hair bump that Belle wore in the yellow gown.  So, I draped the two basic braids in front of the pony tail to form the bottom half of the bump, allowing the curls to hang under.  Pretty, I thought.  Claire, not so happy, she only wanted curls, no braids, even though she couldn't see them.  Oh, well, you can't win them all.

Time: 30 minutes+ (the night before with hair curlers)
Difficulty: Medium
Hair Length: Short+

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