Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sock Bun with braid accents

Tuesday is here again.  Start today's bun with a high pony tail. from the center of the pony take take a small section of hair and make a basic braid secured with an elastic.  Make 3-5 of these basic braids from the center of the pony take.  Now take your sock bun form and wrap it around pony tail. With the sock at the base of the pony take sections of hair and wind/wrap it around the sock and pin the down with bobby pins.  When all the lose hair from the pony tail is pinned down, pin down all of your braids in the pattern of your choice.  Now, tuck in and pin all the ends and use some hair spray.  I also wrapped a ribbon around the base of the bun to help hide the ends.

Time:10-15 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Hair length: Short+

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