Thursday, February 21, 2013

Double Helix Braids with a Braided Rosette

I love when I can find a fun hairstyle and actually manage to pull it off.  I didn't think that it would take too long to do this one, but I still working on the foundation after three minutes...   So, it took about a half hour to finish the hair, it's going to take me at least that long to describe how to do it...  Yikes!

Start, by sectioning about four inches of hair on the top of the head and clip the lower hair aside.  Now, take your four inch section and section that in half to two two inch section clip on aside while you section the other into three equal parts lengthwise, clipping them aside.  Section the second section into three similarly so you finish with six equal chunks of hair.  You are going to complete two dutch braids.  Start at one ear, unclip one of the two sections there, move to the second pair of sections, unclip the kitty-corner section.  Finally move to the third pair of sections and unclip the section that is the same side as the original section of hair.  Now you have a strip of hair basically going from one ear to the other.  Proceed to make a dutch braid with the three sections of hair, when you come to the corner of each section slightly curve the braid and do a few plaits that do not incorporate additional hair until you reach the next section. Continue the dutch braid in that section. Transition to the third section in a similar fashion.  When you run out of hair to incorporate in the third section continue braiding the ends and secure with an elastic.  Now, return to the other ear and unclip the remaining three sections of hair.  This do a dutch braid with these sections of hair the way you did the first braid.  However, this time when you come to a corner, the few plaits you make without incorporating additional hair are going to lay over the first braid.  After you finish the second braid wind one of the braid ends around itself to make a small braid rosette, secure the braid with bobby pins.  Now, wind the second braid around the first rosette, tuck in the ends and try to hide the elastics, after securing everything with bobby pins and hair spray, add any clips and have a good day.

 Additionally, next time I do this braid I am only going braid the first braid until after the second section and clip temporarily, leaving the third section clipped until later.  Then I would braid the second braid completely and secure with elastic.  After the second braid is finished then, I would finish the first braid.  This gives the appearance of weaving the braids together instead of having the second braid laying on top of the first braid. Anyway, your choice.

Time: 25-35 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Hair length: Short/Medium

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