Saturday, February 23, 2013

Braids and a Pony

Saturday is gymnastics day and my ONLY day to sleep in a week.  So, I was hoping to do something nice and easy.  And, well, it is easy, but it took longer than I would have liked.
Start by sectioning and clipping aside and clump of hair in the center of the head leaving about an inch or two around the perimeter.  With the perimeter hair you are going to section off and basic braid all of the hair.  I ended up with seven or eight.  The braid thickness depends on the number of braids you choose to do or the width of the perimeter hair, the fewer braids or wider hair swath produces fatter braids.  Secure these braids temporarily.  When all the braids are in grab and elastic, unclip the center hair smooth it out to form a pony tail, add the braids and secure the whole kit and kaboodle into a pony tail.  After everything is secure, remove the clips or elastics you used to temporarily secure the braids.  Take out any braids inside the pony tail, or just let them unravel themselves over the course of the day.  You are done now, unless you would like to add a clip.  I normally would have used a flower clip, but I needed something that would last the rigors of tumbling and flipping around at gymnastics.

Have a good day!

Time: 25-35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy 
Hair length: Short (slightly longer than pony tail)

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