Monday, May 27, 2013

Ladder braid - Tutorial coming soon

If you would like a tutorial please leave a comment and I will explain the process.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rainbow waterfall braid

I like using chalk to temporarily color Claire's hair.  And since I have kids, I tend to have plenty of sidewalk chalk available.  I started by creating a waterfall braid or twist.  This is a waterfall twist.  To do that, create a small portion of hair on one side of the head.  Split that section in two, and twist the strands.  Every time you cross the strands over each other, place a strand of hair between the twists so that it falls through. When you have worked your way around the head secure the two original strands with an elastic.  
Here's the fun part.  Grab your chalk and a little water.  I twisted one of the strands that were falling through the original twist and rubbed wet chalk along the front and back of the bottom half of the strand.  Use plenty.  The more chalk you use the darker the color.  When you have chalked all the strands, if you want you can carefully chalk the strands of the original twists.  I used one color for each of the two strands.

When we were all done, we added a fun bow clip to hide the end of the waterfall twist.

Time: 15-20 minutes (depending on how hard it is to transfer color)
Difficulty: Medium
Hair length: Medium

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Loose hair lattice head band

Last day of school!!  I wanted to do something that was intricate and would send her off in style.  This one is much easier and quicker than I expected.  Start by creating a side part 5-5 inches.  On each side of the part, I created a small section of hair .25-.5 inches in width.  Create two side pony tails with the remaining loose hair temporarily until you have finished your lattice. 
To create each lattice, you take a small section of the thin swath of hair on one side of the part.  My first segment was approximately 1x.5 inch.  I then took that segment and split it in half and tied a simple knot.  This is the tieing your shoe knot, right over left.  Pull the knot tight to the scalp.  Then you will need to tie another knot, right over left,   this time, do not pull the knot tight, leave the knot 1-1.5 inches so it forms a loop.  Then tie another knot and form another loop.  Continue until you run out of hair and temporarily secure the strands of hair with a bobby pin.  Now, take the next section of hair of similar dimensions, and tie your first knot.  This will be a similar process, but before you tie each knot, take the strand of hair closest to the first column you made and pull it through the first loop. This links the two column together.  After they two are linked, tie your next knot.  Then move to the next loop, continue pulling the hair through the loops in the first column and tieing your knots.  Try to keep your loops similar size.  After you have finished this column, use the same technique to complete as many columns as you desire.  When all columns are complete, use an elastic to secure all columns at the bottom.    

Use the same method to complete a linked lattice of columns on the other side of the head.  Once both sides are secured with elastics, loosen the original pony tails and take a small section of hair on each side of the head above the ears and pull and slightly twist it to cover the elastics used to secure the lattices.  Use bobby pins to secure the hair.  Grab your hair spray and apply librally.

Time: 5-7 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Hair length: Medium

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Twisted rope and basic braid

I like how fun this one looks without being too hard.  

Start by creating a dutch braid down the center of the hair and secure the braid plus all the loose hair in a high pony tail.  If you need to secure the braid first and then secure the loose hair, then do that.  After the pony tail is secured, split it in two.  With one strand create a basic braid and secure a the bottom.  Then twist the loose strand clockwise and the two strands counterclockwise over each other like a simple rope braid.  Feel free to add a clip to hide the elastic at the pony tail.
Update: If you want to make this style easier, omit the dutch braid and start with a simple pony tail.

Time: 5-7 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Hair length: Medium

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Double Rope braids to Side Pony

Here is an easy one for a fun summer day.  Start by separating a two 1-1.5 inch squares adjacent to each other on the front side of the head.  Then secure the remaining hair in an off center pony tail with an elastic.  

With each of the squares of hair you will be making a rope braid and securing with an elastic to the pony tail.  To make a rope braid, thoroughly saturate the hair with water and separate in two.  Twist the two strands clockwise and take the right strand and put it over the left in a counterclockwise fashion.  Keep twisting and crossing over until your rope braid is long enough to reach the pony tail.  After each rope braid is completed and secured, add any clips or ribbons you choose.

Time: 3-5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Hair length: medium

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Twisted sock bun

I like this, a 'twist' on the classic ballet bun.

Begin with a pony tail.  If you have some pieces of colored hair, clip them near the base of the pony tail at this time.  Then grab your rolled up sock, or whatever you use for your sock bun, and place it around the pony tail.  Spray the pony tail liberally with water, this style has the potential for many fly-aways. Start with a small piece of hair from the pony tail and start twisting. After it is thoroughly twisted, wrap it around the sock, around and through the hole.  When the first strand is looped around the sock and then pick up another piece of hair from the pony tail.  Incorporate it with the first strand and twist them together.  Loop this new twisted strand around the sock next to the first loop.  Keep twisting, looping, and adding pieces of the pony tail until you have used all the pony tail.  Then, just looping the tail around the sock until it is too short to make another loop, and pin it down to secure the ends.  If you feel you need to want a tighter hold, use a few more bobby pins to secure the twisted bun to the head.  

Finish, if you want, with completely wetting the bangs with hair spray or gel and smooth them over to one side, clipping in place.

Time: 10-15 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Hair Length: Long

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Double twisted strands to pony tail

I have done this one several times and always like how it works with a wiggly head.  Start by making two basic braids or rope braids.  Which ever you are quicker at.  It doesn't matter because this will be completely covered. Secure the two braids in the middle of the head tight to the head.  When these are secured, take the first small piece of the loose hair from near the start of the braid.  Twist the hair several times toward the front of the head and tuck the strand over the braid.  Add a small piece of hair to the first strand you already tucked in.  Twist this new larger strand and tuck it over the braid.  Continue in this way until all the loos hair on that side has been incorporated, add the strand to the pony tail.  Repeat this one the other side.  If you choose you could add a cute clip or flower to hide the elastic at the pony tail.

Time: 5-7 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Hair length: medium

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

French braids to basic bun

This one took a little while and the bottom braids were hard on the little fidget bucket.  But this one is really quite simplistic.  Split the hair into 2x3 inch panels of hair around the perimeter of the head.  Secure the loose hair in a pony tail. With each panel create a french braid, when you run out of hair to french braid, finish each panel with a basic braid, secure with an elastic.  The first couple braids are pretty straight forward.  As you work your way to the braids on the bottom of the head have your little model lay her head face down. Position yourself over her head and braid from the nape up toward the pony tail.  After all braids are completed add and secure them with an elastic to the pony tail. Wind and twist all the hair in the pony tail into a bun, pin with bobby pins. 

When we were finished with bun, we took some gel and slick the bangs over to the side.  Add some bobby pins and a small little clip to keep the bangs to the side.

Time: 15-20 minutes
Difficulty: Hard
Hair length: Medium+

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dutch braid with braided pony tail - Full tutorial coming soon

I love this one.  I started with a dutch braid off center beginning over one ear at the front of the head.  Wind the braid back to the head near where you will create a high ponytail. 

If you would like the rest of the tutorial please leave a comment and I will explain the process.