Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pouf and a bow

Sunday is always a hurry scurried morning.  Today was no different and unfortunately Claire's wiggles were a foreshadowing of how still she was too be during Mass.

Start by securing a pony tail midway down the back of the head with most of the hair.  Leave an inch or two above the nape of the neck for the bow.  With the pony tail pull the elastic slightly away from the head and form a small hole in the hair behind the elastic.  Push the pony tail up under and through the hole in the hair.  Make sure the elastic holding the pony tail does not comb all the way through the hole for best pouf-ing.  Now take the small bit of hair not in the pony tail, split the hair in half and wrap it around the pouf-ed pony tail.  Secure the two strands of hair with an elastic.  Do not pull the hair all the way through the elastic the last time, leave the loop.  Take this loop and split it in half spread one loop to the left and one the right. Pull a small amount of hair up from the pony tail over the loops to finish the bow.  Secure all lose hairs with bobby pins and hair spray.

I like this style, however, a slightly stiller head and longer hair.  I'd love to see what you come up with.

Time: 5-10
Difficulty: Easy

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