Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wednesday Adams Braids

My little girl has been so busy lately.  Preschool, Sunday school, Ballet, gymnastics, and ski lessons. Oh, my!  Today Sunday school has been cancelled, but her Monday ski lesson has been moved to today.  Today is her final day of ski.  I am so thankful to her Papa who has been able to take her up for the past several weeks.  Being Alaskan, skiing is part of life.  Everyone learns.

To start today's hair, begin by parting the hair down the middle and clipping one side out of the way for the moment.  Now, smooth the hair on the side on which you are working.  Section the hair in to the parts by the ear.  Twist the first strand up and under the middle strand and continue braiding the remainder of the hair in a basic braid format except you will be braiding under instead of over.  This helps lock the braid in place at the base.  It is also my preferred style of basic braid.  After you secure this braid at the end, braid the other side in the same way, make sure you work from under.

Time: 5-7 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Hair Length: Medium+

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