Thursday, January 31, 2013

Simple Flower Girl Braids

Today, I wanted to go simple.  And though this one was simple, it probably would have been better with longer hair.  But, this is what I did.  Take three small sections of hair and braid them into basic braids, temporarily secure them.  Two of the braids should be taken from one side of the head and the third from the opposite side.  When you have all three braided, grab your elastic to secure them all together closer to the side of the head that the single braid is on.  The design looks nice if the lower braid from the double side loops down a little, but Claire's hair was not long enough to form a long braid.  Then after the three are secured together, if you haven't already taken out the temporary secures, do that now.  Then braid the resulting pony tail in a basic braid and secure at the bottom.  Then take two cute little flower clips, these are handmade bobby pins from Sunny Days Boutique, and pin over the elastics.  Good Luck!

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