Tuesday, February 5, 2013

French braid disc

I have had this design in mind for several days, it didn't turn out the way I thought (surprise, surprise).  I think it turned out MUCH better, way more intricate.  I have also thought it might be easy for everyone if I start using photos to help illustrate the steps.  However, this required another hand that wasn't available.  So, I only have a few in process photos, I hope they help.  

To start with this design you need to make a pony tail in the center of the head omitting about an inch or so around the perimeter.  Then pick anywhere to start your french braid.  Begin the french braid like normal with the exception that anytime you need to add hair to an inner strand you take a small segment of hair from the pony tail.  Any time you add hair to the outside strand of the circle use the hair we left out of the pony tail.  Continue braiding around the head.  When you return to where you start switch to a basic braid and finish until you have too many fly away ends.  Secure with an elastic.  I chose to leave the ends of the braid folded in half so most of the ends were neatly hidden under the braid.  Then take a few bobby pins and the the basic braid over the beginning of the french braid tucking and hiding the ends.  Use copious amounts of hairspray because this hair has to last through preschool, ballet class and family night at the church. ;)  Then grab your favorite clip.  This is a flower clip handmade from Sunny Days Boutique.

Time: 5-10 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

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