Saturday, February 2, 2013

Line Hair (Basic braid with a French Additive)

Claire is going to a classmates birthday party today, so I let her pick her hair.  And this was the overwhelming winner.  'Line hair'.  And, it didn't require as many hands and I previously imagined.

Start by gathering some hair from the front of the head by parting from ear to ear and braiding a few plaits of basic braid.  Tip: if your first weaves are under (instead of over) then the braid stays tighter at the start. When you have braiding 4-5 grab some hair from under the parts you already have to add to the strands of the braid.  After you have incorporated hair to the two outer strands continue your basic braid 4-5 more plaits.  This time you incorporate hair make sure one of the outer strands was not one of the first two strands.  Continue  braiding and adding hair every 4-5 plaits.  Secure it at the bottom.  Go ahead and hair spray it to if your event is later in the day.  Then add some pretty little hair pins on the plaits where you added the hair.  These are from the wedding line of Sunny Days Boutique.

After, I finished this hair, I thought it looks so lovely it would be perfectly suited for a flower girl.  What do you think?

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