Monday, February 25, 2013

Double Dutch and French braids

Claire doesn't have school in the strictest sense today.  She has ski lessons, and who is going to see her hair under her helmet?  That's what I thought.  Yesterday Claire came back from an outing with her dad and one of her rosettes has fallen out, so she finished the day with braids instead of buns.  We all fell asleep watching a Madagascar 3 last night and failed to remove the braids.  This morning when she woke the braids were still in good enough shape.  Start with yesterday's hair, then simply split the lower hair in two clipped one braid and one section aside, then split the other side in two and used the braid as the third strand of hair for a basic braid and secured with an elastic.  Normally I tell you to start your basic braids by taking an outside strand and weaving it under the center strand.  This time I wanted the outside strands to cross in front of the original braid, so make sure you do a "normal" basic braid: outside crossing on top of center strand.  After completing both sides you are done.  If your hair is not going to be hidden all day you can add some ribbons or flowers or what ever you choose.  However, Claire needed her hair out of her eyes but not necessarily pretty, so we end there.

Have a good day.

Time: 5 minutes (if you use yesterday's hair)
Difficulty: Easy
Length: Medium

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