Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heart Pony Tail

Happy Ash Wednesday!  Well, maybe not happy but Greetings?

Whoops! Yesterday after Claire came home from school I read her weekly flyer.  She has no school Thursday or Friday.  That completely changes my plan.  I usually don't do special hair unless Claire has an event, school or a party or such.  Soooo.... we'll see if we do anything.  I think I might do something completely wild- Who Hair or the like....  Tune in tomorrow to find out. :)

Today you are going to start by parting the hair in half secure two medium high pig tails, make sure they are as even as possible.  Now, you are going to do the same thing with each side.  Form a small hole behind the elastic and push the pig tail up and under the hole.  Your pig tail should now be spraying up wildly.  Split the pig tail in half grab your water bottle and hair spray.  Make each half of the pony tail wet with water.  If your model has short ends that might not reach the next elastic you might want to spray it with hair spray now, and at the end to help smooth the fly-aways.  Twist both sides of the pig tail, twist the right side clockwise and the left side counter clock wise.  When you have twisted long enough to twist the two halves up around the hole and secure underneath, forming a heart shape, do that and secure with an elastic.  Do this with both sides trying to keep the hearts as uniform as possible.  I, however, had a model who decided the second side hurt and wiggled away from me hindering my progress. So, I am not as even as I would like.  But, I am sure you will fare better.  Use hair spray if you choose, then add some pretty ribbons.  I was going to use the cute heart ribbon I recently purchased, however, I was overruled by a four year old!  Have fun.

Time: 5-10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Hair length: Medium+

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