Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Renaissance Bun

It's Ballet day once again.  I decided to try the horrible sock bun, once again.  Before you pull your hair to your high pony tail, pull three small sections of hair from under the location you are going to put your bun.  Ask your model to hold those sections of hair while you smooth the remaining hair and securing your high pony tail.  When the pony tail is secured clip that hair out of the way while you put basic braids in the three sections of hair you previously pulled out.   When these braids are secured decoratively drape the braids around the pony tail base, hiding the ends under the smoothed head on the scalp, secure with bobby pins.  Now release the temporary clip of the pony tail and grab that sock.  Put the sock around the pony tail, pull the sock to the ends of the hair and twist the sock and the hair inwards. Keep tucking the hair in the sock and rolling the sock toward the base of the pony tail.  If you need to you can gently pull the sock out but do not release any of the previously tucked hair, this making the bun a little tighter before continuing to roll the hair.  When the sock is at the base of the pony tail, you should have completely covered the sock with the hair.  Use plenty of bobby pins and hair spray to secure the hair until dance class in several hours!

Good luck with this one.  I am still not sure if I have mastered the art of the sock bun, but, I think it is a little better this time. ;)

Time: 10-15 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Hair Length: Medium+

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