Friday, February 8, 2013

Medieval braids

We LOVE Friday   So happy Friday everybody.  
Start by section an inch or two swath of hair by the bangs from ear to ear. Then secure the lower hair with an elastic as a lower pony tail.  Now, part the front hair in the center, clip aside.  With the remaining side, part that again in half and clip aside.  You are going to create four basic braids with the front hair, two on each side of the head.  Secure these four braids temporarily.  When all four braids are completed you are going to add them to the original large pony tail with an additional elastic.  Yea! Easy part done.  Now grab two lengths of 1/8" ribbon about two feet long each. Grab a large blunt needle, thread the ribbon half way and start at the beginning of the braids and sew the ribbon into one link of one of the braid.  Make sure you thread the needle up away from the head, in case the wiggles happen.  Yikes!  Sew in the same way back and forth on opposite braids.  When you reach the bottom of the braids, go back to the hanging end of the ribbon, thread the needle and sew it opposite your first stitches.  Now, do this on the other side.  Your done! Happy Day!!

Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

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