Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sock bun with upside down french braid

So, I think I've done.  I think I finally figured a way to do that blasted sock bun!  Hooray for me, only two months later....

Today is a repeat of something that I have already done, but I wanted to do a better bun.  Last time I did Upside down braid with wrapped pony.  There are many ways to get your little model to sit still for this one, today we chose to have her lay over the edge of the couch with the ipad under her play Curious George.  Then, poor Claire, I couldn't figure out how to do a french braid, my hands kept going autopilot to dutch pilot.  It took several times to get my hands to get the outer strands to go over the center strand instead of under like a dutch braid.  Normally I would't care, but I really want the effect from the french braid.  So, start your french braid at the nape of the neck and braid about half way up the head to the height you want the bun at.  Secure all the hair in a smooth pony tail where you stopped the braid.  Now, your cherub can stand up.
Grab your sock.  I recently found a old pair of beige tube socks to donate to the cause.  Cut the toe off and wind the sock up until it resembles a donut.  Put the donut around the base of the pony tail. Grab another elastic and split the pony tail in half and fold half over one side and the over the other side.  Put the elastic over the hole kit and kaboodle.  Carefully, separate the hair around the to cover the sock.  With all the ends of the wind them carefully around the bun and pin them down.  At this point go ahead and hair spray away. to get everything to lie still for school, ballet and Uncle Timmy's birthday!

Time: 7-10 minutes
hair length: medium/short
difficulty: medium

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