Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Waterfall and a french braid

 I wanted to do something quick and easy this morning.  And ta da!  To do this one start with a simple pony tail with half the hair.  After you have secured it with an elastic, poke a hole with your finger to split the hair above the elastic.  Then push the pony tail up, over and through the hole.  Ta Da! Waterfall done. Now, pick up a small amount of hair from behind the ears, add it to the pony tail and start a french braid, continue braiding until you run out of hair to add.  For me that was three or four plaits.  Finish by securing it with another elastic.  If you want you can braid to the ends of the hair that's your choice.  I was going to braid the ends with a fish braid, but choose against it.  Add a pretty clip beneath the waterfall.  At this point I carefully snipped the first elastic to release the waterfall, making it look more natural, like a french twist.  That again is up to you.  Have fun.

Time: 3-5 minutes
Hair length: Medium/short (Shoulder length)
Difficulty: Easy

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