Friday, March 29, 2013

Hair bow with center braid

I love the hair bow.  This is the second time I've tried it, this time it was the focal of the piece.

To start this style, separate out a few inches of hair along the bang line that will be used for the braid.  Then, create a high pony tail with the remaining hair.  When you are about the pull the hair through the elastic for the final time pull the hair out about half way making sure there is plenty of length on the ends.  Now, use the hair set aside for the braid and make your braid straight down the middle of the head.  I would suggest either a basic braid or a dutch braid as I choose.  Ok, take your pony bun and split it in two and carefully tug the halves apart to form the the two bow parts.  Stick pins in the two bow parts temporarily until you are done creating the whole look.  Use the ends of the pony tail and twist it up between the bow halves and around the elastic and use bobby pins to pin it into place.  Then pull your braid straight back down the middle of the head over the center of the hair bow forming the knot part of the bow.  Twist the remaining braid down around the elastic and use some more bobby pins to pin the braid into place.  Now time to use your hair spray to smooth out the bow.  Add any bows or clips you like and call it a day.

Time: 7-10 minutes
 Difficulty: medium
Hair length: Long (the longer the hair the bigger the bow!)

My Claire, remember the model! 
Our home! Gotta love Alaska!

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