Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Upside Down Braid with Wrapped Pony

This one was a little tricky to do with Claire, we had to start over several times because Claire did not like to  have her hair in her face.  In the end, we settled with having Claire lie on her stomach with her head toward me and her face on my knees.  Once the position is settled, comb all the hair up from the nape of the neck, then do a french braid, about halfway up the head, then finish the braid to the ends of the hair.  You may now stand or sit her up.  Create a high pony, secure it with an elastic and wrap the pony with the lose braid, secure the braid with bobby pins.   We did this hair for Claire's first day of ballet, so after school on her way to dance, we used a new snood Gramma made and her ballet bun fancy with the braid creeping into the bun!

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