Friday, March 15, 2013

Double French Braided disc

This is a variation on the French Braid Disc. Instead of wrapping the braid all the way around the circumference of the head, split the pony tail and wrap two braids from the front to the back and join and continue the braid at the bottom.

To start this style, separate out about an inch band around the head and create a high pony tail with all the inside hair.    Now separate the pony tail in to two sections and clip half away until you do the second braid.  To do each braid, part the thin band of hair in the middle of the front of the head and to do a french braid. You are going to take hair from the band for each plait on the outside and from the pony tail for each plait on the inside.  When you get to the middle of the base of the neck continue braiding for a for plaits and then clip it away until you are done with the second braid.  When both braids are complete you can secure them together at the base of the neck. Now, you are either done or you can now do a basic braid.  After you secure the basic you can carefully snip the elastic at the base of the head to release braids.

Time: 7-10 minutes
Hair length: long
Difficulty: medium

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