Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tiny Twists to a pony tail

Happy Gymnastics day everyone!!  After the debacle of yesterday.  I decided to let Claire choose what to do.  Off to Pinterest.  This was the style she choose. Start by sectioning off about an inch around the perimeter of the head.  Create a pony tail with the hair in the center of the head and secure it.  Then, with the hair around the perimeter, secure mini pony tails about an inch wide with elastics.  I choose to do a rainbow color scheme.  But, have fun with this part.  Now, start with two of the mini pony tails, split them each in half and wet them with water spray or hair spray to limit the fly-aways then twist the two halves of  each pony tail closest to each other one strand over the other.  When you have twisted enough times to reach the pony tail secure the twist temporarily. Continue twisting strands together until you have three to four twists, then secure all of the twists to the original pony tail.   Finish twisting all the strands.  I didn't twist each strand before twisting them together.  But that is up to you.  Add a pretty flower (this one is from, Sunny Days Boutique) or clip.
Time: 10-15 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Hair length: Short (shoulder/pony tail)

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