Sunday, March 3, 2013

Side swept braid with add in.

So, I was trying for something and got something completely different.

Start over one ear and do a few plaits of a dutch braid working down and around the back of the head then continue with a few plaits of basic braid  temporarily clip the braid.  Grab two larger sections of hair from either side of the braid. Cross them over the braid.  Pick up the braid and the sections of hair.  Unclip the braid and start a new dutch braid by creating three new strands of hair for the dutch braid.  Do this pattern 3-5 more times (depending on the number of plaits in each section and the size of your models head!).  Finish by securing the whole kit and kaboodle on the opposite side of the head from where you started.

Claire really liked her hair this morning and saw that it was similar to my side swept french braid so she required a few pictures of both of us.

Time: 5-10 minutes
Difficulty: medium
Hair length: medium

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