Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lace up Hair with a sock bun.

 This one received so many compliments   Start by sectioning out a band about an inch or two around the front of the head and neatly secure the rest of the hair in a medium height pony tail.  Now, separate the band of hair into five equal sections.  I foolishly choose to start these braid with a little dutch braid before continuing on and finishing the smaller braids with a basic braid.  I don't think you need the dutch braid, just start with an inverse basic braid and you should get the same result.  When you complete each braid secure it temporarily until all are finished.  Secure all five completed braids with another elastic around the pony tail.  Unravel all the ends of the braids in the pony tail.

Next we did a sock bun.  Still trying to figure this out.  But, any bun will do.  After the bun is complete, which ever bun you chose, use plenty of hair spray today is preschool, ballet and potluck at church!

Here comes with the fun part.  Grab at least four fairly long lengths of ribbon and a blunt crafting needle.  This is 1/8" ribbon that is at least 24" long.  Tie ribbon to the start of on of the braids and thread the needle with the other end.  Next, "sew" the ribbon into the alternately into the opposite braid and then the original braid.  Continue "sewing" back and forth until you reach the bun.  Continue "sewing" the ribbons between the braids until you have ribbon laced between all five braids.  If you have extra length of ribbon when you are all done tie all the ribbons together around the bun prettily.  Because Claire choose pink and purple ribbons she also choose to use her crazy elastics with pink and purple ribbon spewing off.  The do looked nice enough before the crazy elastics, but this is what Claire wanted!

Time: 15-20 minutes
difficulty: medium
hair length: medium

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