Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fun woven Ladder

 I saw something on pinterest last night that I thought I might give a whirl.  This is my spin.

So, make a part, I chose to make my part off center. Then I made two pig tails with about an inch or two width of the hair.  Then comb the rest of hair straight back.  Hold both pig tails and tie them right over left or left over right.  It doesn't matter which order you tie the first one, just remember what you do so you can do it with all of then next rungs.  Ask you little model to hold one of the pig tails while you secure the other.  Before you secure each pig tail gather some hair from the side of the head to incorporate into the pig tail.  You are just about ready to tie the next rung of the ladder.  Instead of using the entire pig tail, only use the long strands you just incorporated.  Leave the shorter lengths of hair to run the outside of the ladder.  With the longer lengths of the pig tails, tie the next rung of the ladder the right right over left or left over right that you did before.  Continue the way you did before until you have rungs all the way down the back of the head.  If you have hair left over in the center of the ladder when you are out head just split it and use it in the last pig tails of the ladder.    Tie you last rung and secure with elastics.  If you need to use some bobby pins to guarantee that the last rung will stay in place.

Time: 10-12 minutes
hair length: medium+
difficulty: medium

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  1. Very cute. Seems easy enough but the end result looks like it took forever.