Friday, March 8, 2013

Double Five Strand Braid

 This one was WAY harder than I thought.  The concept seemed easy enough, however being able to hold all of the strands separate and being able to weave the strands as well, was flabbergasting.

Start by sectioning the hair in half and clipping one side away for now.  Then grab the front part of the remaining side and portion that into five strands.  The bigger the original section, the larger the braid is going to be.  So with your five strands between your two hands, start on the left side of the braid, take the outer most strand and move it over the second strand and under the third.  Grab the new middle strand with your right hand. Now move the current outer strand and the new second strand to the outside finger holds of the left hand opening your thumb and pointer.  So, now move the current outer most strand on the right side over the second strand and under the third strand and hold that new middle strand in your left hand while you move the new outer most and second strands to the outer finger holds of the right hand.  Now you are able to start from the left and weave the new outer strand in.  Continue weaving from the left and right until your braid reaches the desired length.  Secure with an elastic.  Alright, now you've guessed it, make a five strand braid with the hair you clipped away earlier.  Make this braid the same length.  Secure the two braids together and add a cute clip or ribbon if you want.  

Good luck with this one, I had to start over a few times, partially because of a wiggly head, partially because I didn't like how thin the braid was turning out, and partially because I was too confused!!  Definitely more practice in the future.

Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Hard
Hair length: Short

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