Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Egg Tails

The challenge was set out a few days ago, I had to respond.  Luckily, I was given the perfect opportunity today to do a wild Easter themed hair because of the egg hunt at Juneau's Dimond Field House.

This hair is not that complicated it just is very time consuming.  Start by creating a part down the center of the head.  Normally you take the rat tail end of a comb and go straight from front to back.  To do the zig zag, do just that take the rat tail end of the comb and zig zag it over where you normally would create the part.  It wont look fancy until you firmly separate the two halves and that is ok.  After the part is completed secure the hair into two high pig tails.  
For each pig tail you are going to start by separating the pig tails into four to six individual strands of hair.  I choose four for Claire's hair and it didn't work quite as well as I would have liked, though, because of the thinness of her hair I was hesitant to separate the strands anymore.  Once the strands are secured, take half of two of the strands that are next to each other and secure them together. Continue splitting and securing the strands until they are all secured.  Now, grab your egg.  I had a small and large plastic egg from previous Easters.  Because of the length of of Claire's hair, I choose the smaller egg, to theoretically include more eggs.   Place the egg inside the hair basket you have created with the strands of the hair.  Secure the strands around the egg as tightly at the base of the egg as you can.  If you have time, extra hair length or desire you can create more egg baskets.  It took a half hour to do the first egg on both sides, so I didn't have time to do anymore.  
Have fun playing with this one.  I kind of like the way it turned out with the pig tails off the ends of the eggs.

Hair length: Long
difficulty: medium 
time: 30+ minutes

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