Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Waterfall twists

So in honor of the deluge (ok, I guess it is not quite a deluge, but it has been raining for quite a while) we have decided to do waterfall hair.  Doing this one, I felt like I could have used an extra arm or two.  So, take a small amount of hair from each side of the head, near the temple.  Now, twist both strands of hair inward at the same time, one with each hand.  After both strands are twisted to the ends secure hair with an elastic near the head.  Now, take small amounts of hair from both sides of the head, under the previous sections and twist in the same fashion.  Here comes the extra hand,  grab the previous pony tail and secure all three sections of hair near the head.  Keep taking small amounts of hair and twisting and securing until you run out of hair.

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