Sunday, January 20, 2013

S Curve Dutch Braid

So, last night I laid down with my iPhone and went off to browse pinterest.  I found several things, some fun gluten free recipes, kid activities and plenty of fun hair styles.  I saw one that I really wanted to do it was sort of a s curve dutch braid into a pretty little braided flower.  I said, I can do that.  This morning while Claire was eating her eggs, I set off.  I started with a small section of hair on the far left side near her bangs. I did a Dutch braid (an inverse french braid) over her head along the bang line with pulling only the smallest amount of hair from the back of her head side of braid.  On the far end of her braid I started to turn the braid up over the ear again taking smaller amount from the top of the head.  Do three or four links straight back until all the hair is taken from over the ear. Next turn the braid left.  While you are braid back to the left side of head, take small amounts from the bottom of the head use all the hair from the top of the head and the hair from around the left ear.  Turn left again when you run out of head and now use up the rest of the hair.  Once you have used up all of the remaining hair you are going to start into a basic braid.  I was good up to this point.  But following this I realized Claire needed longer hair.  You are supposed to braid 2-3 links of the basic braid and lightly pull a small amount of the outer most hairs from the links on the left side of the braid a good way out, then braid 2-3 more links and do the same thing.  In order to make the flower look full you should do this 3-4 times.  Stopping after you are getting too many ends poking out of the braid.  After you secure it you are supposed to twist and twirl the braid up in overlapping circles with the pulled links on the outside. Use bobby pins to secure the braid flower.  Well, Claire's hair was too short, she was having a end problems as soon as we hit the basic braid.  So, instead I finished the braid, with ends flying and all.  I twisted it up in a circle and then, added a flower clip from Sunny Days Boutique.  Not what I intended  but she still received a ton of compliments.

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