Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Braid Basket

So, I saw something on tv last night that I thought was kinda nifty and that I could do it.  And that is what I tried today.  I think next time I will be able to tighten it up a little.

To start make eight basic braids back over the top of the head.  You can secure these with any temporary fastener, a small elastic or tiny clip or barrette or bobby pin. Once you have the eight braids done, temporarily pin the four braids from one side of the head  on the back of the head, this is just to hold the braids still while you weave the four other braids from the other side of the head with the first four in a traditional over/under fashion.  Once I got all the braids woven together I tried to secure the braids with bobby pins after I tightened them together by pulling the two sides.  After they were all secured, I removed the temporary fasteners and thought 'Viola!'  After Claire ran around for a little it became pretty clear that I would have to do something else. So, I grabbed a few elastics, tightened the braids up again and secured the four braids from each side together.  So, next time, I will start with the elastics and hopefully the braids wont have an opportunity to unravel any.  So, goodluck.

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