Friday, January 25, 2013

Braided Flower

I saw this one on pinterest yesterday and thought, 'Oh, my, we can't do that in Claire's hair.' But, then after I thought about all the individual components, I thought, 'Why not?'

So, what you need is to start with a simple pony tail.  Then take five small sections from around the outside of the pony tail to create and secure five thin basic braids.  At this point I used the remaining pony tail to create a larger basic braid.  Because Claire's hair was starting to have too many fly-aways, I only did a few links of the larger braid.  Now, grab your bobby pins.  Take your first thin braid and loop it and pin it a small distance.  It is okay if at this point that 'petal' doesn't lay flat.  Take the braid that will form the petal behind the one you just did and loop it.  Now, pin both the start of your first petal and the end of your second petal down.  Finish at the rest of the petals the same way.  To hide the ends, you are going to wrap them around the large braid and pin them down.  Because Claire's ends were so short and thin, I required plenty of hair spray.

You can play around with this design by making the thin braids longer or shorter.  Obviously, longer braids mean longer petals.  If your model has longer hair than you use in the braids your will have an easier time working the ends in.  Have fun.

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