Saturday, January 19, 2013

Side Part French Braid

 Claire's cousin spent the night last night and saw Claire's Renaissance Hair from yesterday and wanted her own special hair.  However, her hair is much shorter and finer than Claire's thus limiting the possible options. I wanted to do a fun little dutch braid head band, so it would be similar to Claire's hair, but it just kept falling out.  Bummer.  So, in lieu of that, I had to really simplify to a french braid.  I parted her hair on the side of her head and then did a french braid on the opposite side.  About half way through I switched to a basic braid and secured it with an elastic.  Once I had her hair done, Claire wanted her hair like Leina's so, after taking the ribbons and braids out of her hair from yesterday, I did the same with Claire.  And they were happy!

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