Thursday, January 17, 2013

Basic Braid with a French Twist headband

This braid required me to take it out and try again.  This is a simple basic braid with a little french braid twist.    Every four or five cross overs during a basic braid pick a small amount of hair from the front of the head, near the bangs (or forehead, if you don't have bangs) and continue braiding.  There are a few tricks to this, make sure you add hair to the third cross over on the same side each time. By being careful about which strands you add to you make sure that each of the three strands are lengthened enough to make it over the head like a french braid.  
I also played around with adding a bow to the bottom of the braid by pulling a small loop of hair through the elastic used to secure the braid, after double looping the elastic, I added a second loop of hair and secured the whole thing. Claire wasn't a huge fan of this and had me take it out before school because it kept hitting her ear.

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