Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Twisted sock bun

I like this, a 'twist' on the classic ballet bun.

Begin with a pony tail.  If you have some pieces of colored hair, clip them near the base of the pony tail at this time.  Then grab your rolled up sock, or whatever you use for your sock bun, and place it around the pony tail.  Spray the pony tail liberally with water, this style has the potential for many fly-aways. Start with a small piece of hair from the pony tail and start twisting. After it is thoroughly twisted, wrap it around the sock, around and through the hole.  When the first strand is looped around the sock and then pick up another piece of hair from the pony tail.  Incorporate it with the first strand and twist them together.  Loop this new twisted strand around the sock next to the first loop.  Keep twisting, looping, and adding pieces of the pony tail until you have used all the pony tail.  Then, just looping the tail around the sock until it is too short to make another loop, and pin it down to secure the ends.  If you feel you need to want a tighter hold, use a few more bobby pins to secure the twisted bun to the head.  

Finish, if you want, with completely wetting the bangs with hair spray or gel and smooth them over to one side, clipping in place.

Time: 10-15 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Hair Length: Long

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