Thursday, May 16, 2013

Double Rope braids to Side Pony

Here is an easy one for a fun summer day.  Start by separating a two 1-1.5 inch squares adjacent to each other on the front side of the head.  Then secure the remaining hair in an off center pony tail with an elastic.  

With each of the squares of hair you will be making a rope braid and securing with an elastic to the pony tail.  To make a rope braid, thoroughly saturate the hair with water and separate in two.  Twist the two strands clockwise and take the right strand and put it over the left in a counterclockwise fashion.  Keep twisting and crossing over until your rope braid is long enough to reach the pony tail.  After each rope braid is completed and secured, add any clips or ribbons you choose.

Time: 3-5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Hair length: medium

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