Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Twisted rope and basic braid

I like how fun this one looks without being too hard.  

Start by creating a dutch braid down the center of the hair and secure the braid plus all the loose hair in a high pony tail.  If you need to secure the braid first and then secure the loose hair, then do that.  After the pony tail is secured, split it in two.  With one strand create a basic braid and secure a the bottom.  Then twist the loose strand clockwise and the two strands counterclockwise over each other like a simple rope braid.  Feel free to add a clip to hide the elastic at the pony tail.
Update: If you want to make this style easier, omit the dutch braid and start with a simple pony tail.

Time: 5-7 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Hair length: Medium

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