Thursday, May 9, 2013

Double twisted strands to pony tail

I have done this one several times and always like how it works with a wiggly head.  Start by making two basic braids or rope braids.  Which ever you are quicker at.  It doesn't matter because this will be completely covered. Secure the two braids in the middle of the head tight to the head.  When these are secured, take the first small piece of the loose hair from near the start of the braid.  Twist the hair several times toward the front of the head and tuck the strand over the braid.  Add a small piece of hair to the first strand you already tucked in.  Twist this new larger strand and tuck it over the braid.  Continue in this way until all the loos hair on that side has been incorporated, add the strand to the pony tail.  Repeat this one the other side.  If you choose you could add a cute clip or flower to hide the elastic at the pony tail.

Time: 5-7 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Hair length: medium

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