Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Loose hair lattice head band

Last day of school!!  I wanted to do something that was intricate and would send her off in style.  This one is much easier and quicker than I expected.  Start by creating a side part 5-5 inches.  On each side of the part, I created a small section of hair .25-.5 inches in width.  Create two side pony tails with the remaining loose hair temporarily until you have finished your lattice. 
To create each lattice, you take a small section of the thin swath of hair on one side of the part.  My first segment was approximately 1x.5 inch.  I then took that segment and split it in half and tied a simple knot.  This is the tieing your shoe knot, right over left.  Pull the knot tight to the scalp.  Then you will need to tie another knot, right over left,   this time, do not pull the knot tight, leave the knot 1-1.5 inches so it forms a loop.  Then tie another knot and form another loop.  Continue until you run out of hair and temporarily secure the strands of hair with a bobby pin.  Now, take the next section of hair of similar dimensions, and tie your first knot.  This will be a similar process, but before you tie each knot, take the strand of hair closest to the first column you made and pull it through the first loop. This links the two column together.  After they two are linked, tie your next knot.  Then move to the next loop, continue pulling the hair through the loops in the first column and tieing your knots.  Try to keep your loops similar size.  After you have finished this column, use the same technique to complete as many columns as you desire.  When all columns are complete, use an elastic to secure all columns at the bottom.    

Use the same method to complete a linked lattice of columns on the other side of the head.  Once both sides are secured with elastics, loosen the original pony tails and take a small section of hair on each side of the head above the ears and pull and slightly twist it to cover the elastics used to secure the lattices.  Use bobby pins to secure the hair.  Grab your hair spray and apply librally.

Time: 5-7 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Hair length: Medium

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