Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rainbow waterfall braid

I like using chalk to temporarily color Claire's hair.  And since I have kids, I tend to have plenty of sidewalk chalk available.  I started by creating a waterfall braid or twist.  This is a waterfall twist.  To do that, create a small portion of hair on one side of the head.  Split that section in two, and twist the strands.  Every time you cross the strands over each other, place a strand of hair between the twists so that it falls through. When you have worked your way around the head secure the two original strands with an elastic.  
Here's the fun part.  Grab your chalk and a little water.  I twisted one of the strands that were falling through the original twist and rubbed wet chalk along the front and back of the bottom half of the strand.  Use plenty.  The more chalk you use the darker the color.  When you have chalked all the strands, if you want you can carefully chalk the strands of the original twists.  I used one color for each of the two strands.

When we were all done, we added a fun bow clip to hide the end of the waterfall twist.

Time: 15-20 minutes (depending on how hard it is to transfer color)
Difficulty: Medium
Hair length: Medium

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