Tuesday, May 7, 2013

French braids to basic bun

This one took a little while and the bottom braids were hard on the little fidget bucket.  But this one is really quite simplistic.  Split the hair into 2x3 inch panels of hair around the perimeter of the head.  Secure the loose hair in a pony tail. With each panel create a french braid, when you run out of hair to french braid, finish each panel with a basic braid, secure with an elastic.  The first couple braids are pretty straight forward.  As you work your way to the braids on the bottom of the head have your little model lay her head face down. Position yourself over her head and braid from the nape up toward the pony tail.  After all braids are completed add and secure them with an elastic to the pony tail. Wind and twist all the hair in the pony tail into a bun, pin with bobby pins. 

When we were finished with bun, we took some gel and slick the bangs over to the side.  Add some bobby pins and a small little clip to keep the bangs to the side.

Time: 15-20 minutes
Difficulty: Hard
Hair length: Medium+

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