Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Double Sunburst braids

I saw this style, and thought, there is no way.  Then when I watched the video, I thought, well, this is just a take on my French braid disc. I can do that.

First you are going to need to section out your hair.  You will need about an inch or two section around the perimeter of the head and two equal pony tails inside the outer section.  Start the dutch braid on one side of the front of the head.  Dutch braid until you start bringing the braid down the opposite side of the head.  At this point, start pulling small pieces of hair from the closest pony tail and adding into the braid on the inside strand and the pieces from the loose section to the outside of the braid.  Continue around this pony tail till you are about to start braiding up.  At this point make a few link of the braid without adding any hair to either side and switch pony tails.  You should still have some hair in the first pony tail.  As you braid over the top of the second pony tail add small pieces of that pony tail to the inside of the braid.  Add nothing to the outside until you start braiding down (there shouldn't be any hair available during this section anyway).  When you have hair on the outside start incorporating it on the outside, like before.  Braid all the way around the second braid.  When you run out of hair in this pony tail, you should be in the middle of the two pony tails.  Braid a few links of basic braid and then start adding the remaining hair from the top of the first pony tail.  When all the hair strands have been incorporated, finish with a basic braid secured at the bottom.  Grab a few bobby pins and tuck the loose basic braid under the hair discs, pin in place.  I also used a few pins to keep the tops of the two discs from sliding to the bottom.  But, there you have it.

Time: 10-15 minutes
Difficulty: hard
hair length: medium+/long

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