Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rope twists with waterfall pony tails

Start this one by creating four sections of hair 1-1.5 inch square, two on either side of the head just above the ears.  With each section create four rope braids.  Split each section in half and twisting each strand clockwise while twisting the two strands counterclockwise over each other.  When each rope braid is long enough to loosely reach the middle of the head, temporarily secure the braid until you finish the rope braid on the opposite side of the head.  You should be securing the two top rope braids together in the middle of the head and the two bottom rope braids.  Then you will carefully split the remaining loose hair horizontally in two sections.  Take the top half of the hair a create a pony tail.  Then gently loosen the elastic on the pony tail, create a small hole in the pony tail above the elastic to put the pony tail through in a waterfall pony tail.  Put the ends of the top pair of rope braids into the whole that you just created.  Next you will create another ponytail with the remaining loose hair.  Make a waterfall fall pony tail.  This time, before you tuck the ends of the lower pair of rope braids into the waterfall, pull the ends of the top ponytail behind the lower rope braids and tuck the upper pony tail in to the lower waterfall.  Then tuck the lower pair of rope braids into the lower waterfall ponytail.  Claire wanted me to add her blue hair.  I did by clipping it into the upper waterfall.  I personally not think it needs this, but that is up to you and your model.
Time: 7-10 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Hair Length: medium+

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