Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sock bun with dutch braid headband

I did this one as a trial for Claire's ballet recital.  I think it worked ok.

Start by braiding a 1-1.5 inch dutch braid across the front of the head, when you reach the other side of the head continue a basic braid secured with an elastic at the ends.  Create a second basic braid over the ear on the side you started your basic braid.  Secure this braid at the end with an elastic.  And a I had two clips of pink hair so before I started each braid, I clipped the pink hair.  I also made sure that each of the three strands of the braids had pieces of the pink hair.  With the two braids completed, I gathered all the remaining loose hair and braids in a pony tail to form a sock bun.

Time: 7-10 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Hair length: Medium

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