Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Side sweeping four strand ribbon braid

I tried to do this yesterday.  But, it didn't quite work, so, after dinner last night I practiced after dinner.  Yup, some times, I do trial runs!

You will need a long string of thin ribbon, or thicker ribbon that isn't too stiff.  Prepare to make a three strand braid above one ear, have your model hold the too outer strands while your tie your ribbon around the middle strand.  Grab the outer strands from right to left strand, strand, ribbon, strand.  Now, take the right strand and place it over the next strand, under the ribbon and over the last strand.  If you need to re-position your hand, now is a good time.  Now your braid should be from left to right, strand 1, strand 2, ribbon and strand 3.  Take strand 2 and put it over ribbon, and under strand 3.  This is where the french braid aspect comes in to place.  Pick up a small piece of hair to incorporate into strand 3.  Let's re-position our hands and rename the strands.  From right to left, strand 1, strand 2, ribbon and strand 3.  Take strand 1 and put it over strand 2, under ribbon, and over strand 3.  Weave the second strand back to the right, like before.  Now, continue braiding down around the back of the head,  When you start getting near the ear, you may want to start picking up the hair on the top of the head (still incorporate it on the bottom).  This makes sure you finish all the hair before you reach the ear.  When you run out of hair finish the ends by doing the same pattern without incorporating any more hair (simple concept, right?).  Secure with an elastic when you run out of hair, ribbon, or are getting too many flyaways.

Time: 7-10 minutes
Difficulty: Hard (remember, I needed to practice)
hair length: medium

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