Thursday, August 22, 2013

Double Spiral Sunburst French braid

Happy first day of school!!
This one we had to start twice because I had forgotten that you need to use a french braid for the sunburst design in the middle.  So, after I did the whole spiral on the outside as a dutch braid, I realized that it wasn't going to work.  So, my poor model had to sit still longer because I messed up.  Whoops.
After combing through her hair, I portioned, and secured with an elastic a medium sized pony tail in the middle of the head.  Leave a 3-4 inch path of loose hair around the perimeter of the pony tail.  Once the pony tail is secured, split the loose hair in two circles about 1.5-2 inches each.  Clip the inside circle of loose hair and the pony tail together temporarily while you braid a french twist with the remaining loose hair.  I started my braid at one corner of the front of the head.  You will be making a french twist along the outer perimeter of the head.  A french twist is a french braid with only adding hair to one side of the braid.  This time, add the hair to the outside of the braid.  When you have braided around the head once, let loose the inner circle of hair and pony tail.  You will now start braiding a traditional french braid, the loose hair will be added to the outside of the braid, and you will pick up small pieces of hair from the pony tail to incorporate on the inside of the braid.  When you have finished incorporating all the hair, continue with a basic braid as it will be easier to tuck under your sunburst.  After you finished your braid, tuck it under the sunburst and pin the braid in place.  I choose to add a few flower clips to camoflage the transition between the two spirals.  But that is up to you.  Good luck, let me know how you do!
Time: 10-15 minutes
Difficulty: hard
Hair length medium

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