Friday, August 9, 2013

Pony tail braided heart

I am not sure it I like this one, but, maybe with more practice? 

Start by creating a demi-pony tail in the center of the top of the head  When that is secured with an elastic, loosely split it into two sides set the left half aside while you are creating the right braid.  To do the right braid pick up a segment of hair above the right ear and begin a basic braid, 4-5 links worth, make sure you take note of how many links you make on this side, as you will wont to make the same number of links when you do the left braid.  After you have made the 4-5 basic braid links, take small pieces of hair from the right half of the pony tail in incorporate them into the right braid on the upside only.  If you run out of pieces before you have reached your desired length, continue with a basic braid and secure the right braid with an elastic.  
Then reverse the process and create the left braid.  This is where it was important to remember how many links you made using the basic braid and incorporating the pony tail strands.  Make them the same if you want a symmetrical look.

Time: 5-7 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Hair length: medium

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